Shaving – Razors or Creams? Part II/II

Have you read the part I of this post? If not read it here. Sometimes, getting rid of unwanted hair can be a torture! However, let’s keep reading together to learn the proper shaving direction along with a comparison chart about razors vs gels & creams and a synopsis of their pros and cons.

So do not miss the part I that includes the rest info that you have to know about shaving:

  • Top 3 types of razors (pros & cons)
  • Gel (pros & cons)
  • Creams (pros & cons)


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Could you get rid of female facial hair with a razor or cream?

As I already said within each category, in some cases Yes. However, in some other cases No. You can find in the market razors, creams, and gels that are suitable for facial (and bikini line). But, note that you have to read either on the package or ask someone (from the shop) which razor or cream are suitable for all body’s areas. Have in mind that – sometimes – the better choice is to take another tool/product for the body and another for the face.

Which type/types I have done

I have used all the above-mentioned kind of razors and from the cream’s category just the cream, not the gels. I have to share with you, that I have used razors on my legs, bikini area, maybe 2 times in my entire life on my arms and never on my face!
Moreover, I have that razor can make the hair stronger and thicker so I avoid it as much as I can. Hence, it’s a quick solution… The only area that I have used the cream in on my legs.



What needs to be done before, after & proper shaving direction

Firstly let me tell you that you do not need any special charisma to do it, but you have to be careful with how to shave. Secondly, whatever you are going to choose, either a razor or a cream, do it in the bathroom area, in order to avoid the mess. Thirdly, before using a razor, apply a shaving cream, oil, gel, soap, or a shaving foam to prepare your skin and avoid the irritation. Lastly, the proper shaving direction is the opposite direction of the hair.
See? It’s easy to learn how to shave properly and always remember the proper shaving direction.

What razor & cream caused to me

Not only I can cut my self very easy with the razor but also the razor can cause to my irritation as the cream. Not to mention that the cream cannot remove the unwanted hair evenly (at least to me). Unfortunately, if I left the cream more minutes than the brand suggests, it can cause me a lot of irritation…


How long does it take to grow up hair again

With the razor 3-4 days and with the cream 5-8 days.


Final thoughts

(razor VS cream – pros & cons)

I have tested well both kinds of shaving. I don’t like any of those to get rid of my unwanted hair, because they are not removing the hair from its follicle. But is easier to reach out a (disposable) razor and buy it. If I am in a hurry and I have to remove ASAP those little annoying black things, I prefer just a quick touch up with a razor. Creams are not for me… At least not those that I’ve tried. Moreover, I can’t wait a few minutes without doing anything or sit somewhere, until the cream will “burn” my hair. Plus as I said above, it smells awful… 










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