How I am Stopping my Skin from Aging with Green Tea

by Antri | Hidden in Beauty
How I am stopping my skin from aging with green tea

Green tea is well known for its amazing weight loss and antioxidant properties. Drinking green tea, 3-8 cups a day, are not only helping you to strengthen your immune system but also fight aging marks and have a younger looking.   However, according to Dr.Axe, green tea is also called “anti-aging beverage”. The leaves of […]

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What? Teas for Hair Growth?

by Beauty Blogger

I love tea, usually, I drink 2-4 cups per day, they taste delicious and they warm my body. Teas are promoting a healthy life with amazing wellness. I do not drink tea just to drink something, I am always searching which teas are more suitable for the issues that I have. Whether I want to […]

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