Bella Coloured Contact Lenses. Are they worth the hype?

Hello again my beauties!  Well, my eye colour is dark honey green almost brown, but sometimes I am thinking that my outfit / makeup will look better with other eyecolour and probably you too!xx I am using contact lenses and rarely I am using coloured lenses because I have tried maybe 4-6 different brands I found them thick, uncomfortable and the iris is too large and the look unnatural. But well beauties, I was thinking for a long time to give a try to Bella Contact Lenses, those were Nadine Nassib Njieim and Kim Kardashian are the icons of the company. What will happen if I will give them just a try? And here I am with some of them! I fell in love from the first time, they give a luxurious and more defined look. I couldn’t believe it! They are soft, and they doesn’t dries my eyes, except if I am wearing them for about 7 hours, but that’s ok I think.

Bella Contact Lenses have three different charming groups of colours that are perfectly designed to fit in our eyes and give natural stunning looks, because each of their lenses was created with one or more base eye colour. Do you believe that they have full protection of UV ray?? Because its true, they have! They have monthly and just one use lenses, oh dear.


I wanted to give my eyes a glamorously stunning look. Fashion and comfort was well blended together to create those lenses. They have three main categories and other subcategories. The EYE ENLARGING LENSES has limbal rings that can enlarge the eyes. This category has four subcategories, the Diamonds (8 shades: almond gray, allure blonde, pacific blue, gray shadow, gray green, glitter gray, carribean green -see Kim Kardashian’s photo -,  and brown shadow), SNOWHITE (5 shades: satin gray, gray, brown, blue and black), CONTOUR (5 shades: platinum, hazel, green, gray and blue)  and  HIGHLIGHT (3 shades circle gray, cool gray and circle brown).

The NATURAL LOOKING LENSES has four subcategories (the colours looks endless isn’t it?). The NATURAL (10 shades: blue, v\cool blue, gray blue, gray blue, viola gray, hazel, green, gray, cool hazel, cool gray and green yellow), DIAMONDS (almond gray, allure blonde, pacific blue, gray shadow, gray green, glitter gray, carribean green and brown shadow), CONTOUR (5 shades: platinum, hazel, green, gray and blue)  and GLOW (9 shades: gray caramel, vivid blue, radiant gray, radiant brown, radiant hazelnut, navy gray, lime green, husky gray green and luminous pearl).

They  also have a category named other products and it has two categories the Party and the one day lenses. The PARTY has 27 shades including zombie, yellow cat and star, for those who want to rock the parties and Halloween. The One Day Lenses has 5 shades, crime crystal, british gray, ocean blue, hazel beige and radiant hazelnut.

Final Thoughts

Ok know, they seem to look that they have done a pretty nice job on their collection. To be honest the “Party” it’s a subcategory that I don’t care at all. From the first category I have the Carribean green and it looks so great on me! It gives me a defined look. From the second category I have bought the vivid blue and is truly amazing, stunning and bold! I am thinking to give a try in the future to the radiant hazel. The rating below is based on the colours that I have tried. The hues are dedicated applied, but I am really worrying if the light blues and grays look natural. If you try them share with us your experience. I have made two diffent orders from a fbook page in Cyprus, they respond very quickly and they ship European and soon International (maybe they already fixed this issue).

If your living in Cyprus ask for Bella Lenses at your favourite optical local store, if not, contact them on facebook to give you options for shipping. For further inquiries about shipping and how to buy Bella Lenses, contact them on Fbook and will answer you in no time! Click the link for more and if you want to buy coloured lenses, give them a try and believe me you will thank me! xx

Facebook: Bellalensescyprus

Instagram: bellacontactlensescyprus



Base Curve: 8.6

Diameter: 14.2

Formula:38% water content for less dryness & blocks 60%  UV Rays

Life: 3 months



Formula: 10/10

Price (€40-50): 8/10

Application: 9.3/10

Overall Rating: 9.1/10

Worth the Hype? YES



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Instagram: antric_makeup

Twitter: @BeautyB67665630

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