5 Best Beauty Products you’ve Never Heard of

I guarantee that you never heard of these products and you need to try in 2017!

Kryolan Supracolor Palette.png

1) Kryolan Supracolor Palette ($49)
A creamy makeup palette that reminds me the water paint pallets that I had in my childhood. It has an amazing professional covering formula. Bright and vibrant colours. I love specifically this palette (Kryolan has created 4 more palettes with this formula).


2) Refa S Carat Roller ($158)
The multi-angular rollers are created for 360-degree coverage. It is specially designed for professional gentle movements that help invigorate and tighten skin around the area of lips and eyes. A quite pricey gadget, but a Botox is more expensive and you need to repeat it with a quite nice doctor, so it’s worth the hype to try it, what do you think?


3) Butter Elixir Face Oil ($48)
A French elixir that promises to become the most beautiful version of ourselves. It is a lightweight gentle oil that hydrating perfectly the skin.  Rose Hip, Argan and Apricot Kernel oils are well known for their amazing skin (and hair) benefits. It is packed with amazing ingredients that can give us the most effective formula. It is coming with an eyedropper in order for an easier application. Recommended by VOGUE, allure and ELLE.
P.S. You are going to love the smell.

caruso steam rollers.jpg

4) Caruso Steam Setter Rollers ($48.99)
Caruso brings the rollers to another level. They are effective, long lasting and safe for all hair types. It has three amazing pros: moisture, heat and ready in 5-10 minutes. The steam enhances the waving/curling of hair. It comes with 30 soft foam rollers in different sizes.


5) Pilaten Suction Black Mask ($9.99)
Are you bothered by blackheads like me? It is perfectly designed to pull out the blackheads, and it is definitely doing the job, but if you are not taking off the mask gently, prepare for a little pain. Just be gentle.

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