Colour Theory in Makeup

If you are a beginner and you want to start mastering the art of makeup, I am here to help you learn the color wheel! In short, use the opposite color to make corrections.

See the wheel, if you have a red pimple, cancel it with green color. Do you have dark blue-ish circles? Use an orange concealer to cancel it.

All about eyes
If you want to make your eyes pop use, once again, the opposite colors in order to have more contrast and make your eyes stand out even more! If you have blue eyes, use golden, warm browns, bronzes, coppers and orange eyeshadows. Hazel and greenish eyes will be stunning with pink and purple hues.

Lips and Cheeks
Use colors that will affect positively on your look. If you have warm skin tone use corals and peachy shades, but if you have cool tone use pinky nudes and reddish colors.

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