How to Lighten your Foundation (4 ways)

Yeah, it happens to buy a foundation that is darker with your skin tone. Fortunately for you out there, there are few simple ways to fix this issue.

Start by adding a little bit of your favorite moisturizer to your foundation. Add more if needed, but be careful because it lightens the foundation in no time!

Start by adding a little bit of your concealer or a white foundation, mix well and add more if needed.

Apply your foundation as you normally do, and take a medium to large fluffy brush to apply white eyeshadow all over to your face. Let it sit for few seconds and apply a powder foundation that is close to your skin tone. The white eyeshadow will extremely lighten your foundation so you need to add a color that is close to your skin tone in order to create a balance that not even you will understand the difference.

Don’t make Highlighting & Contouring, make only Highlighting! The Contouring is already done, isn’t it?

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