Flormar – Anti Blemish Foundation

Flormar is an excellent drugstore makeup brand, that’s what I’ve heard. I went to one of their shops and I asked about their foundations, all of them were well blended; onto my skin without leaving any patches. Nevertheless, I took the Anti Blemish Foundation. I took a darker shade by accident but I am using the makeup tricks that I’ve written for you on “How to Lighten your Foundation (4 ways)”.

At the price of app. $13.50, I was expected that kind of coverage. The A to Z for a flawless makeup look is the right choice for a foundation. My beauties, this foundation rocks everything! It has a natural finish with perfect coverage. Although, what I regret is that I didn’t buy the Full Coverage Foundation to test it better. Anyway, I will buy it!


Formula: 10/10
Price ($13.50): 10/10
Application: 10/10
Overall Rating: 10/10
Worth the Hype? Absolutely YES

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