How to Get Rid of Bags Under Your Eyes – 6 Quick Fixes

Go water.  The puffy bags often caused after crying or eating salty dishes. Drink pure water to drive away the salt concentration and avoid salt, alcohol, and coffees for 1-2 days. Besides the water is the easiest way for detoxifying your body.

It may be a seasonal allergy alert. Try essential oils for allergies in order to manage and prevent yourself from them.

Go cold.  It’s not something new, probably you have heard it before. Cold has the amazing benefit to soothe our eyes. The bags will be reduced by placing cold cucumber. If you will go to bed late chill in the refrigerator a spoon for 5’, then place it for 30’’ on each “eye bag” and go to sleep, repeat the cold spoon in the morning, if necessary.

Take It Easy On the Salt. Salt is well-known that is linked with fluid retention and lead to puffiness around the eyes. Use a little bit of pure Himalayan sea salt, if needed. Do not use the regular one.  Replace salty dishes with fresh vegetables. If I was in your place I was  going to eat celery because it helps kerb your desire for salt, but unfortunately, I have allergy to celery ;(

Cut the cigarettes. Smoking not only dries out and aging your skin badly, but also the chemicals in the cigarette can cause irritation around the eyes. If you are a smoking addicted person try e-cigarettes.

Have you heard that your sleep position may cause eye bags? Sleeping on your sides or on your belly can cause fluid build-up around the eyes. Consider sleeping on your back to prevent it. A good choice will be if you use contour pillow.


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