How to grow your nails fast. 6 easy steps to follow.

Well, growing strong nails, it will not take so much time and effort, as growing your hair, but for some people is a big issue. As long as you stop bad nail habits, you can grow them to the faster and stronger. 



Avoid manicure and gel for a while. If you want to go out try using nail stickers and remove them later.



Stop biting your little precious nails! Start caring them and do not use your nails for peeling off or remove something.



Cut them properly and not from the roots;



Take vitamins and eat properly. Solgar has my most favorite vitamins for hair, nails, and skin and they are vegan! Try eating food high in biotin (mushrooms, bananas, whole grains, salmon, and avocado), Vitamin A and C, and folic acid.



In order to grow your hair, you need to make DIY hair masks, isn’t? Guess what!! And for nails too! Try by mixing well, in a small bowl, ¾ warm olive oil, ¼ warm avocado oil, 2-4 olive leaves (cut them in two or three), and 1 teaspoon of fresh lemon juice. Let the mixture cool a little bit but not too much and let your nails sit in the mixture for 5’ and then gently massage your nails and the skin around them for another 5’. This recipe will help them to heal, moisturize and grow extremely fast!



Try also the Revitanail Nail Strengthener. xoxo

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