How to Get Rid of Unwanted Hairs. The (DIY) Bleach Way Method.

Does anyone of you wish you were never born with any unwanted hairs??? Dark facial hairs can be embarrassing, but I will share my little secret with you in order to get rid of them in 5 minutes. You can remove unwanted hairs to a beauty salon (laser, waxing etc) or at home (waxing strips, creams etc), but girl, have you ever heard that bleaching your unwanted hair can make them thinner over time? Yeap you’ve heard right! Bleaching!!

When I am in hurry and I don’t have time for laser or threading my facial hair I prepare the magical mixture. I combine well 2 teaspoons of oxydose and 1 teaspoon of ammonia. Sometimes, when I don’t have enough oxydose I am adding to the mixture a little bit of mustard oil or (hands) cream wash. I apply the mixture on a clean face for 5-8 minutes maximum and I wash it with plenty of lukewarm water!! Rarely, I apply this mixture on my neck, upper and lower back. If you want to try it make a patch test first (and avoid the eye areas), because it may cause you a little bit of itchiness and redness. When it happens to me, I apply immediately Bepanthol cream in order to reduce the redness within 2-3 minutes. This hack is lasting for at least 3-7 weeks but the results may vary from people to people.

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