11 Vaseline Beauty Hacks You Need to Know

To be honest, Vaseline isn’t the first thing you think when we are talking about beauty essentials. I have to admit that it’s one of the best beauty multi-task products. From acting like a brow gel to make you legs glowing, Vaseline can be used to fix any beauty issue.closure-203949_1280.jpg

1.Enhance your perfume’s life 
Rub Vaseline on your wrists, behind your elbows and your ears to make your perfume last much longer.

2.Lip balm
If you are suffering from dry lips then Vaseline will save you!! It also works as a primer under drying matte lipsticks.

3.Perfect manicure
If you line your precious nails with Vaseline before you paint them you will keep the nail polish from spreading outside your nail.

If you love the dewy look, apply a little bit of Vaseline on your cheekbones and browbones.


5.Make your legs glow
Mix a little bit of Vaseline with your bronzer (must be liquid) and massage your legs for a glow-y look.

6.Soothe cracked heels. 
Your feet must be ready for sandals without cracked heels, besides maintaining good foot health must be one of our priorities. The cracked heels and the flaking skin is very annoying, unobtrusively and uncomfortable. Before bed, massage your heels with a little bit of Vaseline. Wear socks in order to keep Vaseline on your heels and not everywhere in your bed, as it may be difficult to come off from the sheets. Repeat every night in order to heal your cracked heels. Results may vary, but you may see results from the first use.

6.Eyelash glue remover
Massage with gentle moves a little bit of Vaseline on your lashline and the falsies will come off much easier.

7.Get thicker and longer lashes
Every night before bed, apply a bit of Vaseline on your eyelashes to get thicker and longer lashes fast. You may notice results from the first 1-3 uses!

8.Eyebrow Gel
If you run out of brow gel, use a bit of Vaseline, it will act like glue without being sticky at all!

9. Prevent scars from forming
If you accidentally burn yourself with a hair iron (it happens to me almost every day), apply a thin layer of Vaseline on the affected area in order to minimize future scarring.

10.Protect your skin from hair dye
If you’re coloring your hair at home, you will get dye on your forehead and around your ears. Apply Vaseline on your hairline in order to block the color from seeping into your skin.

11.Invincible split ends
If your hair looks that you fried it, put a bit of Vaseline on your ends to hide them until you get a haircut.

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