A Hair Brush Guide

Different brushes for different purposes. Let’s learn them xoxo

Mixed Bristle Brush.jpg

Mixed Bristle Brush
It distributes natural hair oils

Synthetic Bristle Brush.jpg

Synthetic Bristle Brush
Smooth down your hair, shape and polish them

Wooden-Bristle Brush.jpg

Wooden-Bristle Brush
This brush act like a masseur for scalp, it stimulates hair growth

Rattail Comb.jpgRattail Comb
Ideal for parting hair and smooth strands

Wide Tooth Comb.jpg

Wide Tooth Comb
Detangle wet hair

Paddle Brush.jpg

Paddle Brush
For detangling long straight hair

Teasing brush.jpg

Teasing Brush
Add volume to your hair and smooth

Detangling Brush.jpg

Detangling Brush
This brush removes knots out easily

Vented Brush.jpgVented Brush
Ideal for a quick blow drying and create great volume

Metal Round Brush.pngMetal Round Brush
For amazingly fast blowout, lower hair volume and great curls

Natural Bristle Brush.jpgNatural Bristle Brush
Create scalp stimulation and smooth your hair

Round Brush.jpg

Round Brush
Use this brush to smooth short hair, curl them and style your lovely bangs


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