How to Choose the Most Flattering Lipstick Color Based on Your Skin Tone

Let the beauty science involved one more time! Every girl loves flattering lipstick colors, but how you can choose the best for you? Applying a particular selection of colors your overall look will shine. You will get the most beautiful compliments you ever had, and believe me you will love it! The occasion will play an important factor too, but the first role is going to your skin. I am a lipstick girl and usually, they call me “the best lipstick”.

Determine your skin tone

skin tones-01.jpg

The best choices are the true red, blue toned pinks and bright pink/magenta. The not to wear colors are the nudes…



skin tones-02.jpg

Pinks with red undertones, cranberry red, and nudes are best for those with medium skin.



skin tones-03.jpg

If you have tannish skin choose red colors, wine red, and burgundy.



skin tones-04.jpg

Go red and brown with orange undertones, dark red, burgundy and brownish nude/beige.




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