6 Beauty Hacks With Baby Powder

Who said that baby powder is only babies? This powder with the lovely smell must be in your shopping cart each time you’re going shopping. You will learn the most effective ways to use the baby powder for beauty issues.

1.Greasy hair?
If you don’t have a dry shampoo or you’ve been run out of it, grab a little bit of baby powder and massage your roots with it. If you are a brunette, add a tiny bit of organic cocoa and mix well before you will apply it.

2.Painful Waxing?
Apply a bit of baby powder on your skin before you will apply your wax and will make the whole process less painful and less irritated.  It will be a plus for your skin if you will apply it and after.

3.Run out of a translucent powder?
You can bake your face or remove the excess oil from your makeup by dipping a little bit a large fluffy brush in a baby powder and applying it softly on your face.

4.Volumed eyelashes?
Apply a thin coat of your mascara to your eyelashes, then apply baby powder and let it sit for few seconds. Then apply a second coat of your mascara. Re-do the process if needed. It will give you a major thickness, length, and volume. [Read 5 hacks to make your Eyelashes thicker and longer naturally]


5.Long-lasting lipsticks?
Apply your lipstick as always. Take only one layer of tissue and apply it on your lips, then apply baby powder with a fluffy brush. Take off the tissue and you will have a long-lasting mat lipstick. [Read more lipstick hacks] 

6.Dry skin?
You can dip a little bit a large fluffy brush in a baby powder and apply it softly on a clean facial skin. It will soothe your skin and makes it less dry, smoother and less irritated.

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