Lip Art. How Much We Gonna Fall In Love With this Incredible Trend?

The makeup artists are pushing the old boundaries and creating new amazing creative lip looks. The lips are their canvas. Consider how beautiful those landscapes and comics are looking on those sexy lips 🙂 xoxo

These artistic lips are so incredibly cute and amazingly beautiful, just look them…   how cool is she?

Just look the details on the trees…

It requires an amazing talent to create so many details on this small canvas! I can’t choose which one is my favorite. Can you?

I love it! 

Look his forehead, those wrinkles, his hair, OMG!

Ombre lips with accessories… How rock is this super talented girl?

That night sky!

Yeap! Exactly her look of Audrey Hepburn


P.S. In case that you try to recognize those sexy lips are belonging to Jazmina Daniel and she has the lips behind the Jeffree Star’s lipsticks! xoxo


Check Jazmina’s Daniel Insta Profile here and do not forget to check also my Insta Profile here.

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