5 Best Natural-Organic Shampoos

We love nature. But have you ever worried what goes in our shampoo?? We are complaining about some hair issues, but what if the shampoos are the cause of them? Most “chemical” shampoos contain ingredients that can harm our hair and scalp health. One of the most harmful ingredients is the “sodium laurel sulfate”. The SLS creates the foam, BUT, America used this harmful ingredient to defoliate the jungles of Vietnam, it is a carcinogen substance. Obviously, you already notice a label on the shampoo that is warning you to not let the product go in your eyes, it because “sodium laurel sulfate” is an extremely irritating ingredient…

Going natural and organic is one of the best decisions that you can make, but do not wait from your shampoo to make foam…


The Onira Nourishing Shampoos

(in Greek Onira means Dreams)

€33.00 – $40.00 (each)


Rahua – for colored hair

€32.00 – $38.00 (each)


Not Your Mothers – for wavy hair

€7.50 – $9.00 (each)


John Masters Organics Scalp

€6.30 – $7.50 (each)


Honest Beauty

€18.50 – $22.00 (each)

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