DIY Lipsticks

I love lipsticks, and probably you too! There are some moments that I want to have all the colors, but to buy a good lipstick is costing us app. $15. You know that when I am in a hurry, I love the quick DIY ideas, fun to create and much much cheaper than the original product itself; Whether you want to create a lipstick color that you’ve run out of it or a weird one for Halloween this will be one of your favorite DIY’s. Have on mind that is a cheap alternative, they cannot last all day long. You might be applied more than 1-2 coats to have a nice color because they are not pigmented enough (depends on the brand or crayons)…


You need:

  • One (non -toxic) crayon (cut it in few pieces)
  • ½ tsp of organic coconut oil
  • 1 drop of avocado oil
  • A Pyrex bowl 
  • A cutting board covered with a paper towel
  • A pot to boil water in
  • A stirring tool
  • A mold to put your DIY lipstick



Boil (app. 3-5 cm height) water in a medium to large pot. Put the pyrex bowl in the pot. Add the crayon in the bowl and stir it until it will completely melt, then add the rest ingredients and stir again well enough to combine them. Add the mixture in a mold (sometimes I am using old eyeshadows mold) and let it cool. Voila! A non-toxic and nourishing lipstick in any color you love!!


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