No Poo Shampoo? The New Hair Movement (& Challenge) is Here!

By the 1800s it was recommended to wash hair once a month, by 1970 it was recommended daily. Over the decades, the shampoos became gentler than ever, but they can be still harmful to our scalp health. The movement “No Poo Shampoo” is here and is knocking our doors. Unfortunately, often shampooing can harm the sebum (natural oil) of our hair.

This “movement” suggests us to simplify your hair routine and create an alternative ritual for our hair, to create a shampoo with 2 ingredients, baking soda, and water (some are using apple cider vinegar instead of water). You will not need to wash your hair daily, maybe once a week is enough, but at the begging people who are following  the “no poo” are saying that they needed to wash their hair often at the first 2-4 weeks, until the sebum and in general their scalp and hair health to come to a balanced level. Baking soda cannot harm your hair, instead, it has the ability to release natural oils, and it will bring our hair back to the natural and best form.


More volume
Bouncier hair
Less dandruff
Less frizzy
Less greasy
Easier to manage


-Wash your hair with lukewarm water while you gentle massaging to release the excess oil and dirt.
-Take a bit of baking soda and mix it with a little bit of water or apple cider vinegar, until you have a nice smooth paste.
– Apply the mixture on your hair while you are massaging your scalp.
-Wash it with plenty water. Finish with cold water; or as much as you can afford. The hot water at the end will dangle them and make them frizzy.


A new #hairgoal journey
So have fun with it! Experiment and be creative!


Read more on organic shampoos here.


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