W7 Highlighter Palette – It’s Glow Time

We are running in the year of highlighters. Strobing is also referred to highlighting. An excellent highlighter can make your skin glow and have the best selfies ever! I am having many compliments about my glowing makeup when I am wearing this strobe palette. W7 is a British drugstore brand that promising a lot! They have quite nice manicures, eyeshadow, and highlighters palettes. I have already tested their manicures but this is not the time to review them, I am going to do it in another post. The thing that I want to say is maybe is a cheap brand but they have very nice formulas, pigmented and long stay…  Many high-end brands should jealous about W7. I am having few fallouts, but not too much…

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It’s time to get strobing!

A palette of four highly pigmented shades to help you achieve a subtle yet striking highlight. The perfect addition for your makeup bag!

It’s Glow Time! contains champagne shades for that popping highlight and pinky nudes for a more natural glow. The lightest shade is perfect to blend into your cheekbones for that extra pop.


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Indoor Natural Daily Light

I love the upper left on the palette (1), is a light pinkish champagne color. I prefer to apply it when I am wearing pink or red color clothes or/and applying pink or burgundy eyeshadows to give them a glowing boost. The con is I need to apply 2-3 times to get the pigment that I want, the pro is that is buildable, as much as you added the more you glow.

The upper right (2) is one my favorites! An intense champagne goldish highlighter that I fell in love with it for the first time. It gives to my cheekbones, inner eye’s corner, brow bones, nose, chin, and temples a perfect definition. One application is enough to give me a nice glow effect.

The down left (3) is a rose champagne blusher, something between the upper two colors but a bit more closer to the champagne one.

The down right (4) is the other one that I love too much! This one is an intense silver that I love applying for more bold makeup looks. Ideal for cheekbones, inner eye’s corner, brow bones, nose, chin, and temples.


Formula: 9/10
Price (€7.00 – $8.36): 10/10
Application: 10/10
Overall Rating: 9.67/10
Worth the Hype? YES


photo 2 (2)
Strong Outdoor Natural Daily Light
photo 1 (2)
Soft Outdoor Natural Daily Light


photo 3 (1)
Strong Outdoor Natural Daily Light


photo 1(1)




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