5 Best & Easier Hacks to Dry Your Hair Faster

Do you want your hair dry faster? Less frizzy, less damaged and more shine? Then, get out of your sit, shower and keep reading. The hacks are endless, but here I’ve gathered for you my most favorite.  They are simple, quick, easy and extraordinarily effective.


Wide Tooth Comb

1.Apply your hair moisturizer and comb your hair with “Wide Tooth Comb” in order to detangle your wet hair them and make them softer and ready to dry easier. (read here about hairbrush guide)


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2.Your towel isn’t the best choice for your hair to absorb the excessive water. Instead of damaging your hair with the normal towel, take a cotton t-shirt and rub or squeeze them softly.



3.If you want to go out, do the first two above steps, and apply your makeup in order to save time until your hair will completely dry out naturally without heat.



4.If you want to use a hairdryer, your head must be upside down, the dryer to the cool air and not to the warm, and dry first your roots and then the rest hair. You will be amazed at how much natural hair volume you will end up and how fast you will dry your precious hair.



5.For even faster results with the hair dryer, make medium sized hair strands and dry them separately.

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