Oily Scalp? Curbicia – Purifying Shampoo-Mask with Absorbent Clay

If you have an oily scalp like I had before, you will feel me… Your hair feels heavy and dirty from the next day of your hair wash. It is an issue that is promoting greasy hair and dandruff. When our scalps produce excess sebum it leads –unfortunately- to this annoying hair issue. This may be caused by various factors, like humidity, weird diet, hormonal imbalances, genes etc.

I’ve heard and read different thoughts about the “FURTERER Curbicia – Purifying Shampoo-Mask with Absorbent Clay”, and I also thought that is time to post mine. My thoughts were mixed when I’ve started using it. I was applying this product all over my hair with a gentle massage for 3 minutes and then I was washing it with plenty of lukewarm water and I end up with a healthy scalp and tangled hair. I was trying to heal my scalp and I was creating another issue at the same time. I’ve done this maybe for 3-6 times. It is a mess to struggle with tangled hair. It was then that someone told me that this greenish-gray foamy mixture is a hair mask-shampoo that can be applied only perfectly on your roots and if you like apply another shampoo or conditioner to the rest of your hair! The results after that? Were amazing, for a whole week I had a non-oily scalp!

This purifying shampoo with absorbent clay provides lasting regulation of excess sebum. I was washing my hair 3-4 times per week. Now? One is enough. My hair is more clean and lightweight. Furterer is a brand that loves using a lot of herbal ingredients for its products. Obviously, the smell is a mixture of herbs, not the best but not the worst. Their main active ingredients are the extract of curbicia, essential oil of thyme, rosemary, clove, orange and absorbent clay.




Curbicia is obtained by hydrolyzing pumpkin seeds, an exclusive procedure patented by René Furterer which is three times more effective in reducing sebum. Ideal for treating scalps that tend to be oily, it works overtime to regulate the hyper-production of sebum within the sebaceous gland, one of the causes of gradual hair loss. PATENTED ACTIVE INGREDIENT.

Thyme Essential Oil
Dotted with tiny pale pink flowers, according to Ancient Greek mythology it came about from Helen of Troy’s tears. Thyme has been used since ancient times as an aromatic plant, with ‘thymus’ meaning ‘perfume’. Its essential oil has very effective cleansing and anti-fungal properties in treating dandruff and excess sebum.

Rosemary Essential Oil
Rosemary, or ‘dew of the sea’ in Latin, grows wild around the Mediterranean basin. Used by the Egyptians for its numerous curative properties, its essential oil has toning properties and stimulates micro-circulation to fight hair loss. Its cleansing powers also make it an effective natural remedy for dandruff.

Clove Essential Oil
Originating from the island of Ternate in Indonesia, the clove tree can reach up to 20 meters in height. Used since ancient times for its power to fight infection, Clove essential oil extracted from buds is a powerful antiseptic. Its purifying and anti-inflammatory properties give it the power to cleanse the scalp.

Orange Essential Oil
Imported from the foothills of the Himalayas by Portuguese explorers, sweet Orange was a luxury fruit until the first half of the 20th century. The essential oil extracted from its rind is renowned for its light, mouth-watering aroma and soothing properties, but it is also an effective cleanser and stimulant for micro-circulation.

Absorbent Clay
Rhassoul is a natural mineral clay used by eastern women to care for their hair and body. Comprising very fine particles, this Clay absorbs impurities and grease like blotting paper. It rinses off easily.

Formula: 9 /10
Price ($20.00-€17.00): 7/10
Application: 6/10
Overall Rating:  7.3/10
Worth the Hype? YES

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