Urban Decay Troublemaker Mascara – Sex-Proof

Hello beautiful people! As I already told you from previous posts the Instagram of Urban Decay’s co-founder, Wende Zomnir,  left out that the Urban Decay Troublemaker Mascara earned its name from being sex-proof. It is time to tell you my thought about this mascara. Is it worth the hype?

I want to note that I have long eyelashes with medium volume. They are almost straight. That’s why I am not wearing – sometimes – mascara, but when I do it, my whole look is changing a bit. I am addicted to trying new beauty products and I couldn’t resist buying and tested the Troublemaker Mascara well known as Sex-Proof.

Firstly I want to highlight that I truly love the package, it reminds me rock stars. It is long wearing mascara without smudging a bit! Very comfortable and easy to apply. This mascara has short and long silicone bristles that make it suitable for all kind of lashes.

From the first layer of mascara it darkens my eyelashes and with the second-third layer, I had a nice – not extremely- volume without feeling them heavy and clumsy. I like a lot this mascara, but I have to say that I expected to make my eyelashes look with a little bit more volume.

The troublemaker mascara is on my list of the 5 Beast Beauty Launches that made me fall in love with, in fall 2017. Read here for more.


Formula: 9 /10
Price ($24.00-€21.00): 8/10
Application: 9.5/10
Overall Rating:  8.8/10
Worth the Hype? YES

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