DIY Eyeshadow Recipe

What’s more fun than Beauty DIY projects? I’ve done from DIY lipstick to dry shampoo but I was thinking a few days ago that I’ve never make a DIY eyeshadow! I have gathered the best and more fun eyeshadow recipes, I’ve put them in a test and now I am presenting to you the easiest and fun to make! Choosing natural or non-toxic ingredients instead of unhealthy chemicals it makes me more proud of the outcome. Prepare your area, take few empty eyeshadow containers and keep reading and have an amazing day! xoxo



Natural Colors*

Red – Dried Beet Powder or Red Clay
Yellow – Turmeric
Green – Spirulina Powder
Brown – Cacao
Light Brown – Nutmeg
Black – Activate Charcoal
Orange – Beet Powder and Turmeric
Rose – Beet Powder and White Clay
White – White Clay

*If you want an intensive color to add a little bit more of the above spices/ingredients. If you want to lighten or darken the eyeshadow add a little bit of active charcoal or cacao or white clay.

My Favorite Color Combo

A goldish brown with red undertones:
1/2 teaspoon of nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon of turmeric
¼ teaspoon of cacao
¼ teaspoon of beet powder


You Need:

-1/4 or ½ teaspoon of arrowroot powder (It has healing properties and helps dry blemishes, rashes, wounds, and sunburns.)
-Shea Butter
-Small bowl
-Empty eyeshadow container


1. Add the arrowroot powder in a bowl. The more you add the more subtle the color will be. Prefer to add little by little. Start by adding ¼ and later if you think you need more add ¼ more.

2. Add your desired color (see the above natural colors’ list).

3. Now you will make the eyeshadow more creamy. Add ¼ teaspoon of Shea butter and mix well. Add a tiny bit more if needed.

4. If you want loose eyeshadow powder please skip the step 3.


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