What? Teas for Hair Growth?

I love tea, usually, I drink 2-4 cups per day, they taste delicious and they warm my body. Teas are promoting a healthy life with amazing wellness. I do not drink tea just to drink something, I am always searching which teas are more suitable for the issues that I have. Whether I want to drink something for my sore throat or to boost my metabolism or to lose few inches from the body or even for Hair Growth, I am hugging a cup of tea. For the days that I don’t want to boost my health or wellness, I love drinking organic Green Tea with Aloe Vera.

Hair loss and hair growth are two of the most hair issues that people have. It’s normal to have hair loss twice a year, but if you are suffering from excessive hair loss or you have some other health issues or you’re pregnant, please have in mind that is better to consult your doctor first.

I’ve gathered the keywords – benefits from my most favorite and delicious teas that I love drinking to boost my hair growth and reduce hair loss. You will not see dramatic results only by drinking those teas, give a try also to those DIY Hair Masks here.


Suggested Brand: Clippers

1.Green Tea with Aloe Vera
Green Tea
Rich in Antioxidants
Stimulates hair follicles
Stronger and healthier hair
Aloe Vera
Treats dandruff
Rejuvenate the hair follicles
Reduce thinning
Anti-fungal properties


Suggested Brand: Clippers

Prevent from Hair loss

Suggested Brand: Traditional Medicinals

Prevent proper absorption of nutrients
High in Iron


Suggested Brand: Alvita


Regulate circulation
Restore hair loss (even after chemotherapy)
Stimulates menstruation; (avoid if you are pregnant)




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