Dior 2018 Launches

I am a fan of Dior cosmetics and fragrances. I am always preparing my budget for what is coming next. Dior Forever Line is on the way to make our year more elegant and fabulous.

U.S. Launch Date – January 2018

Dior Forever Undercover Foundation

Their new liquid foundation is promising a flawless finish with full coverage but it will have a lightweight feeling. One of the most negative things of all foundations of all brands is the limitation of the shades. Not all of us can buy 2 shades and mix them together or some of us do not have time in the morning to mix different shades in order to come up with a closer shade to their skin tone (Read How to Lighten Your Foundation). If you have time to mix and match, that’s fine but isn’t better to have a foundation that matches your skin tone? Dior Forever Undercover Foundation will have the biggest shade range in Dior’s history. Yeap! 29 shades! 

They promised a soft and buildable formula. They’ve made a squeezable tube in order to have the chance to squeeze it a little bit and have a small amount of foundation instead of having one pump and enough foundation for the half face.

I can’t wait to have more info for the rest of their line!

What’s upcoming in Spring? The Dior Backstage Pro makeup line, that Beauty Guru’s and MUA’s we are excited about. Let’s wait a little bit more for this line, until Spring 2018. You know what else I can’t wait anymore? KVD’s 10th anniversary and Too Faced’s 20th anniversary in 2018! The following year will be a beauty year for all of us!





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