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I love Benefits Cosmetics as Italians love pasta. Omg, I love so much pasta, if previous lives exist, I am sure in my previous life I was an Italian. An eyebrow pencil never tastes as good as this one. When I’ve started buying Benefits cosmetics, I had no idea what it’s going to happen… I was truly amazed and addicted to their beauty products from the first time I let my eyes on them.

When I’ve seen the Precisely My Brow Pencil, my first thought was “Ok, beauty addicted, this needs to be bought from you”! I’ve put it on the test from the next day that I’ve got it. I don’t have perfect eyebrows, they might be thick (not like Fridha Kalo – hahaha), but I have few gaps, that I am filling them.

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The Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil is a double-ended pencil with a twist-up tip at one end and a spoolie brush at the other. Firstly I use the spolie to tame any stray brows with upward flicks and after that, I use the pencil to draw hairlines; – in the same direction of my natural brows’ hair – in order to fill the gaps. Sometimes I am using again at the end the spoolie to fully blend the pencil strokes with my natural brows.  I have to admit that I am able to draw easy, natural strokes that are looking similar with my eyebrows’ hair. I quite like how rich, buildable, waterproof and blendable the formula is. Guess what this pencil is available in a range of 6 shades for selection (I’ve purchased the black one).

Unfortunately I was expecting the spoolie bigger, but that’s ok, it’s doing its job perfectly, you know its unpleasant or too much uncomfortable, but in my opinion, if it was bigger it could be much more comfortable.


Formula: 9.5 /10
Price ($24.00-€21.00): 7.5/10
Application: 9.5/10
Overall Rating:  8.8/10
Worth the Hype? YES



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