Is Shower Destroying our Hair?

I love you but I will be a little bit hard with you today. We are going to the shower and we are ruining our hair, of course, we are not doing it on purpose. I including myself because many of those that I am going to tell you I’ve learned them recently. Life is short, make your hair flip fabulous (xoxo).

The shower is one of our most lovely and relaxed time of the day, it acts as a meditation. BUT it can also create split ends into our strands. Something is not going ok and it destroys our relaxed time…  Let’s change it!



Quality of the water
The No.1 factor, the quality. If the water is dirty or full of chemicals (chlorine etc) your hair will react to it with splits ends, and it will be weaker than it was before. What can you do? Try to wash them as fewer times as you can (most people can wash their hair 1-2 times a week). The other option is to buy a new showerhead with water filters in order to have healthy clean water running on your hair and body. Get yours from Amazon.


Cold or Hot Shower?
What’s your favorite? Mine is the hot shower. I love it! I am using (too) hot water even the summer period.  Unfortunately, this means that my scalp dries out easily and promotes dandruff. Experts, suggests to wear a cup while we are having a shower and if we are having a bath is better to finish the hair wash with cold water. Have in mind that the best is something between, not too cold but not too hot.

Length of the Shower
If you want to stay in the shower forever – like me – STOP doing it! It leads to hair breakouts!

The next time use less shampoo because of the quantity matters and stay as organic as you can. Shampoos with chemicals are ruining our hair instead of boosting them with vitamins and minerals. Experts say that people with curly hair should avoid shampoo in order to maintain them easier.  Extra tip: Apply your shampoo/conditioner with gentle and not hard massage!

Read more about organic shampoos here.




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