6 Unusual Hair Tricks

In my morning ritual hair tricks and hacks are definitely needed! I ‘ve done and created a ton of hair hacks in order to save time in the name of my sleep. I love sleeping a lot but I also love waking up early in order to enjoy the full my day. Hair tricks are not only ideal for the morning but also is an effective way to save time all day long and especially when we are travelling… I gathered my top 9 hair tricks and hacks that I love doing at this period of time.


1.Frizzy Hair

When I am a little bit stressed my hair gets frizzy! How am I getting rid of frizzy hair fast? I am taking a moisturizing wipe from my bag and I am smooth it over my entire hair strands. They don’t need even a hair comb. Just one moisturizing wipe, one!



When I don’t know what hairstyle to do, and I don’t want to leave my hair down (I have a kind of bouncy; waves hair), I am brushing my hair with a Wide Tooth Comb at first and then with a Rattail Comb to smooth it down and I am taking a high or medium height ponytail. The trick here is that I am taking the upper half section of my ponytail and I am placing a small hair claw clip underneath. This trick gives my ponytail a quite rich volume. 


3.DIY Dry Shampoo

I have black hair with oily roots and normal to dry ends. I had to do something so when I am in a hurry, and I don’t have time to wash my hair because they look oily, to look like I wash them. I am mixing well a bit of cornflour with cocoa powder and few drops of eucalyptus essential oil (for hair growth) in a jar. When I need it I am placing a little bit of the mixture in my hands and I am gently rubbing my hands together. After that, I am massaging my roots.  Give it a try and you will be thankful for that trick! 🙂 


4.Natural Dry

The hair dryer can break our hair strands easily and we all know it. From the day I remember my self I prefer to leave my wet hair dry naturally, the hack that I didn’t know from the begging is that is best to wipe my hair with an old cotton t-shirt. The towel can make a lot of damage to the hair, including to look frizzy and potentially lead to more breakage.


5.Pillow Case

Yeap! The pillowcase matters a lot! The normal pillowcases can cause hair damage because they often lead to breakage. Have you ever wake up with fluffy and frizzy hair? Because I do sometimes… I’ve done my research about it, a few months ago, and I found that a silk pillowcase will solve my issue and indeed it helps me a lot! 



Ok, who doesn’t hate flyways, especially if they have ponytail?? One ingredient is saving my hair (and my day!). I am placing in my palms a tiny bit amount of organic coconut oil and I am rubbing them together to create a little bit heat and melt the coconut oil. After that, I am smoothing down the flyways. Easy & Fast. 




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