7 Weird Beauty Hacks You Should Try NOW!

We only get one body (haha) and we need to take care of it, isn’t it? Taking care of my temple it means for me, beauty hacks and natural home remedies. There’s a ton of beauty hacks and home remedies, for skin and hair care, on the internet. The most intrigued thing that made me always to try new beauty hacks is their weirdness and uniqueness. The query somewhere there is if they are effective or not. Here it’s me. I wrote the 7 Weird Beauty Hacks that I’ve tried the past 2 months and worked for me. Have in mind that person to person the results may differ. 

1. Beer

Drink a small shot and rest leave it to wash your hair with it. Yeap, you’ve heard right, you should wash your hair with beer. On wet hair, apply beer on your hair and leave it for a couple of minutes, if possible. This hack will help you to remove any build up and it will make your hair soft and a little bit shinier than before. Rinse with lukewarm water. (P.S. I am using always a blonde beer)


2. Dry Nails Faster

If you don’t have time or money for gel nails and you want to make a quick manicure, this will save you time! Take a bowl and add cold water with ice cubes. Paint your nails, wait for app. 1/2 minute and place your nails in the bowl. They will dry as fast you needed to read this hack! In case that your manicure it needs a lot of time to dry, soak your nails for 1-2minutes more.


3. Waterproof Mascara

Mascara is always hard to remove and when it does it look like a mess. When I am looking in my mirror I think my eyes are closed enough to panda’s eyes. So, I prefer to take a small amount of vaseline or coconut oil and I am making a gentle massage to my eyelashes. After that, I am rubbing them, gently, with a cotton pad and the mascara is gone!


4. Stop Sweating (on armpits) 

I am a person that, unfortunately, sweats a lot! I am sweating on armpits, even in winter. So, every morning or every other two mornings, I am squeezing 1 tablespoon of fresh organic lemon and I am mixing it will baking soda until I will get a paste. I am applying this mixture on my armpits for 5-15minutes and then I am taking it off with a wet towel. This hack is helping me to have dry armpits all day long! (Remember to make a patch test first)


5. Flyways

On the previous post (6 Unusual Hair Tricks), I said that I love to apply tiny bit amount of organic coconut oil, in my palms and rubbing them together to create a little bit heat and melt the coconut oil. After that, I am smoothing down the flyways. Easy & Fast. The new (and weird) hack here is not this one. If you want to use a natural hairspray, squeeze a little bit of fresh lemon and apply it on the flyways. You will be amazed! 


6. Dark Circles 

Apply an orange (not red) lipstick on your dark circles before you will apply your foundation. Apply it even with your fingers and smooth it out a little bit. Use a beauty blender to apply your foundation with tapping motions. Do not forget to apply also your concealer and a highlighting powder to cover the lipstick completely. 


7. Fake Freckles 

With your makeup brush apply a brown cream eyeshadow, or contouring,  on the bristles of your hairbrush! Make tapping motions with your hairbrush on your cheeks. Give a try to this hack and will be a lot of happy with the results! 




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