Oriflame | Giordani Brozing Pearls in Natural Radiance

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Which blush is your favorite? I quite like the Giordani bronzing pearls. Giordani is a brand of Oriflame. I have to admit that I was a little bit concerned to buy it but it turns that it was a good idea. I have purchased the Natural Radiance but the series of Giordani bronzing pearls are composed of four different colors, the one that I’ve bought, Natural Peach, Dark Bronze and Natural Bronze. 

First of all, they are so popular that Oriflame sells over 2 million packs of Giordani Gold Bronzing Pearls every year!

The package is a luxury black with a gold detail (line).

I love to apply these pearls with a medium-sized blush brush to get a nice color from the pearls. I swirl the brush in the pearls for few seconds in order to have perfect blend. I was expecting that these pearls will have many fallouts but they don’t! They leave on my cheeks a natural glowing rosy-bronzing finish, which I love a lot! 

I don’t usually do it, but rarely I am taking few light colored pearls and with a fun brush or a small highlighting brush I am taking a bit of color and I apply it on the areas that I want to highlight. The result is amazing, natural, glowing and elegant! I am purchasing many beauty products that sometimes they turn to be for trash but this one is one of the best purchases that I’ve done for blushes! 


Get yours from Amazon here.


Formula: 10/10
Price ($24.95-€21.00): 7/10
Application: 10/10
Overall Rating:  9/10
Worth the Hype? YES




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