Review – IRISMARU Blackhead Remover Extractor

Have you ever use any blackhead extractor? If yes, which one? Let me know in the comments section, I would love to try some new… I came across – on the internet – with the IRISMARU Facial Pore Cleaning Stick Blackhead Remover Extractor. Most of the times I am doing a little bit research before buying something. For this Blackhead Remover, I’ve made a search on how is working and I was a little bit skeptical if this will properly working but it was so cheap so I decided to give it a try. 


The package is a detail that matters because it is the first impression for the product. Everything for marketing and packaging, right? This one looks very cheap, but this is not the problem, or at least the main one. For cheap products, I don’t give so much attention to the package, besides with $5.62/€4.80 what’s the ideal package?



The IRISMARU Facial Pore Cleaning Stick Blackhead Remover Extractor is made of plastic and has two sides, one for large blackheads and one for small. When I took it in my hands, I couldn’t wait to try it out. My blackheads are (mostly on my nose) medium-sized; not too large but not too small… On a clean face, I have placed the extractor on a blackhead, I tiny squeeze it by making circular motions. I took it off of my skin, and I’ve seen that it took just a tiny bit of my blackhead out, but I had a circle of redness on my skin, not because I’ve pressed the tool on my skin but because the edges of the extractor are not well smoothed!


I tried it several times for several days and on different blackhead sizes, but I had the same results. Now, the tool on the side that you can push the extractor in and out, it fell off because it was not well fixed, actually nothing at all! I was doing my best to make it work… I don’t like it, but in case that you want to give a try you can get it from Amazon here, I do not recommend this little beauty gadget but maybe will working properly on you… 



Price ($5.62-€4.80): 9/10
Application: 1/10
Overall Rating:  5/10
Worth the Hype? NO




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