Review – Victoria Secret | Seduction Dark Orchid Perfume Set

I fell in love with their amazing sexy lingerie since I remember myself started buying them. From their shows to everything they are doing they do a remarkable work! Their beauty products are quite nice too. When I was in London I thought that to visit Victoria’s Secret shop. The atmosphere was so incredibly elegant and sexy! I was run out of perfumes so I decide to give a try.


I was not searching for something specific, floral, or musky base or something spicy. They have a variety of high-quality perfumes, but I came across with the Seduction Dark Orchid Perfume Set. The set includes one large perfume’s bottle, one small traveler-size perfume, one candle, one body lotion and one shower gel. Now, I run out of everything on the set, but I still keep the package because I quite like it. It is elegant and luxury.

It has a musky base with sweet, floral, citrus, fruity and amber notes. They recommended to use it at evening, but I was using it all day long. It is extraordinarily beautiful. It gives you a sense of sensuality, elegant and desire. I didn’t expect to smell it for hours. It is rich and strong, but have in mind that I was using it with the lotion. The shower gel was my favorite!!!!  It is so powerful and rich smell that when I was showering, my whole house has a scent of fruity, sweet and musky notes.

Get the whole set here from eBay. Unfortunately, I couldn’t  find at the same price that I got it ($75-€63), but the price is too close here is too close ($79.99-€67.37).

In case that you want to buy only the perfume, you can get it here from eBay.


Price ($75-€63 for the set): 9/10
Longevity: 7/10
Smell (subjective opinion): 8/10
Overall Rating:  8/10
Worth the Hype? YES







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