Skin Care Secrets Around The World – (Ancient) Egypt

If you don’t know me yet, have in mind that I love DIY, hacks and searching for skin care secrets around the world, especially ancient secrets. Ancients know better. They didn’t have chemical products and they were doing their best to find out solutions to their issues with the help of Mother Nature.

Ancient Egypt was one of the most advanced civilizations that ever exist on this planet. They have created many beauty recipes and hacks that are undoubtedly are great until today. They were the most beauty and fashion – especially with jewelry – experts in the world.

Today, in this post, I will uncover the best beauty rituals that they had. Cleopatra – a historic iconic beauty – and Pharaoh can swear about them. For them, it was more than a beauty routine, they have taken it more seriously, and it was a beauty ritual to honor their goddesses and gods.


Donkey Milk & Honey

Donkeys’ milk was very popular in Ancient Egypt. It has powerful Anti-Aging and Healing Properties that Cleopatra knew about. The donkey milk with honey is very beneficial for the skin, especially for its high hydration and moisturization properties. Cleopatra was mixing this milk with honey in order to wash her face and body.

Dead Sea Salts

How many beauties hacks Cleo knew? Dead Sea salts are high in magnesium, calcium, sulfur, bromide, potassium, sodium and zinc. They promote cell metabolism, they have healing and hydration properties, soothes damaged skin, balances sebum, prevents fine lines and wrinkles, skin cancer protection, detoxifies body, relieves muscle cramps, revitalizes dull complexion, reduce puffy eyes, against free radicals, fights skin issues (acne, etc), protects from sunburn and much more!



It was made of lead salts and metals. Highly dangerous but Egyptians were processing and filtering the mixture for up to a month before creating the iconic eyeliner. Because of the whole processes that they were following, the results were amazing! Iconic cat-eye eyeliner with high skin benefits like protecting skin from sun damage and skin infections.



Do you think that you win the game of makeup by drawing your eyebrows or by filling them with great brow sets? You are wrong! Ancient Egyptian women won that game, thousands upon thousands years ago. They’ve burnt almonds in order to draw with them their brows. Great ancient beauty hack! Isn’t it?

Sesame, Almond, Castor, Moringa Oils

Pharaohs, Cleo, or Ancient Egyptian in general, they were involved by using daily vegetables or carrier oils in order to fight wrinkles and have a glowing complexion.










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