Skin Care Around The World – Malaysia

While beauty stores may have an endless range of beauty products for every need, for me is still worth to exploring skin care secrets around the world, because each culture has its own incredible beauty recipes and techniques.

Today I am gonna talk you about Malaysian skin care secrets. What an incredible country, isn’t it? I love traveling for food, history and learn beauty secrets. Malaysia is packed with inspiring landscapes and amazing culture and it should be one of my future destinations. I would be happy to tell me in the comments section your reviews about traveling. Which country/place do you recommend me to visit next?

Malaysia has strong influences from India (yogis’ and vegetarian land – a must to visit too) and China. They have a long and incredibly amazing traditional (natural) health and beauty remedies from organic rainforest herbs.

Youthful Elixir

If you are searching for a youthful elixir to balance your hormones this is a must to try. Malaysian women are grounding rosebuds and jasmine. Rumors say that they add also ground turmeric, tea tree, Agarwood leaf, tungkat, and bergamot. They store this youthful ground mixture in a banana leaf and they mix it every morning with warm water. Some of them they add also organic raw honey.

Personally, I would love to taste it, it should seem to be a sweet and bitter elixir/tea with a strong flowery scent, I guess….

Water Face Cleaning

In the post Skin Care Around the World – Japan I’ve talked about the rice facial water. In Malaysia, they took it few steps forward. They mix coconut water with rice flour, ground jasmine root, and turmeric.

Coconut water is high in anti-aging properties, it fights acne and is amazing skin toner.

Rice flour has UV protection, treats dark circles, acts like an exfoliating agent and it has natural skin brightening and lightening properties, fights wrinkles, treats pimples and age spots.

Jasmine is high in anti-aging properties, antioxidants, even skin tone, and moisturizing.

Turmeric treats acne, eczema, skin inflammation, psoriasis, dry skin, wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes.

Lemons Lemons Lemons

Malaysian women use pure lemon juice to brighten, exfoliate and clean their facial skin. It reduces pimples, blackheads, and gives you a more luminous and smoother skin.

I am using this remedy for years with amazing results! Just slice a lemon in half, before bedtime, and rub it gently on your face. Wash your face in the morning.




















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