Skin Care Around The World – Ancient Africa

The land of endless desert, amazing safari, rich in organic and natural ingredients, home remedies, unique landscapes and wild nature. The land of where Mother Earth and extreme climates meeting each other in one of the most gifted places, Africa. 

Finally, the ancient skin care secrets of this gifted land came to the forefront. Due to some missing ancient secrets, I couldn’t – at the moment – to write you separately for each country of Africa, so I’ve searched, heard, and wrote the top ancients secrets of Africa that you need to know in order to give a boost to your skincare routine.


Ethiopia & Somali


Qasil – Gob Tree

If you are looking for a spice to give you a youthful look like you are 25 years old, then your favorite spice will be the Qasil. The leaf powder (collected from the Gob tree)  is a great ingredient for DIY cleansing and exfoliating face masks. Ethiopian and Somali women were – and still – using it for hundreds of reasons, including balancing complexion of skin, moisturizing, soothing dry skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, remove pimples etc. 

Somali women use Qasil with turmeric and water to make a face mask that promises a softer, clearer and brighten skin.



Ethiopian women believed that honey can be applied externally to remove blemishes. Honey is high in hydration properties and antimicrobial qualities, acts as a great pores’ cleaner, exfoliator, smooth the look of scars and reduce acne. In case that you burnt your self (not only from the sun) apply organic honey on the affected area. I have tested this one, and I can easily say that is greater than creams from pharmacies! 



Black Soap

This magical soap is made from a mixture of sun-drying palm tree leaves, cocoa pods, peels of plantain and organic Shea butter. This black soap – which I need to try ASAP – is high on anti-inflammatory& antibacterial properties, UV protection, hydration properties, treats discoloration, reduce dark spots, rosacea, rashes, etc. It doesn’t offer a deep cleanse but instead, a gentle/ mild makeup remover.

Cederberg – South Africa


Rooibos is an antioxidant plant that originates in Cederberg of South Africa. This plant is high in superoxide dismutase (antioxidant & antibacterial properties), zinc, calcium, potassium, and vitamin D. South Africa women love Rooibos for its great anti-aging properties (reduce fine line and wrinkles), production of healthy skin cells, treats eczema and acne.


Central Africa;

Baobab oil

I can’t find from where this oil is originated but I need to tell you about it. Baobab Tree is also well known a the ‘Tree of Life”. Its fruits contain the most antioxidants than any other fruit has! This incredibly unique tree blossomed once a year but at least it produces the Baobab oil that gives all year long its benefits. This not well known to us (or at least to me) nourishes and heals damaged skin like heaven! African women using this oil as a natural cleanser, daily moisturizer, smooth under eye bags (if not reducing them completely), to boost collagen production, reduce fine line and wrinkles, treats eczema and psoriasis, prevent and reduce stretch mark. 








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