4 Simple and Stupid Hair Hacks

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I don’t get out of my bed easily in the winter, because of the cold ;). I am doing my morning skin and hair care routine enough slower… I am starting always with my skincare routine so I don’t have enough time to do my hair before leaving for work. Hair hacks are a must because are always saving my time and my day.

Flat and Oily Hair 

Unfortunately, my hair gets greasy and oily too soon, rarely even the day after the day that I am washing them. My DIY Dry Shampoo helps them a lot but you know what I found more? Oily hair tends to attract more dirtiness than other and if we are washing them twice it helps them a lot of removing the dirt and oil. I’ve done it and my hair has more volume and got greasy approximately on the 7th day from the day I washed my hair. 


No hairspray. I am applying a tiny bit amount of coconut oil in my palms and rubbing them gently together to create a heat, melt it and be able to apply it more evenly without greasing my hair. I found that if apply coconut oil to my hair, my hair is having a soft amazing smell and they flyways are sitting down. 

Bobby Pins

When I am doing a hair updo I need some bobby pins. I was using wrongly the bobby pins for my whole life! Now? I apply them hairspray, I turn them upside down, wait 1-2 seconds in order to be more sticky (hairspray) and apply them directly to my hair for a stronger hold! 

Fragrance Shower

When I am finishing my whole look, right before I will leave home, I am doing a quick fragrance shower. I am spraying my favorite fragrance on air and I am going underneath. What is happening with that? My fragrance goes all over my body and my hair smells incredibly amazing! In case babes that you want to get a hair mist, here (by Nordstrom) you gonna get my most favorite because is one of the best hair mist ever and is called Viktor&Rolf ‘Flowerbomb’ Bomblicious Hair Mist.

Quick Hair Mask

Sometimes I am getting too lazy to make a hair mask in order to smooth, hydrate and treat them. But all I need those times is coconut oil! My hair is up to my waist. I took 2 spoons of coconut oil and bring it on a low heat in order to warm it a bit. When the oil is still warm – not too hot – I apply it first to my roots and then I massage with the rest oil the rest of my hair. I leave the oil for 15-60 minutes before I wash it well (3 times to get off the oil from my hair).

-Never apply it to wet hair – they will be too greasy and harder to take it off. 


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