Should You Refrigerate Your Makeup and Skin-Care Products? A Frozen Beauty Hack

Hey babes! It’s time to talk about beauty hacks. The last few days is conquering the internet one question. Should you refrigerate your makeup and skin-care products? Since I remember my self, next to lemons, in the fridge, we keep few lipsticks there. But is it good? If yes, what products we should chill?

Experts say that if we chill our skin-care products we extend their shelf life. If your products don’t contain any oil that goes solid when it chills (like coconut) then you should definitely try this beauty hack. You keep the bacteria away from your favorite products. Close your eyes and think how cool and how many benefits you gonna have if you apply your eye-cream or your anti-acne cream with a cooling sensation. The benefits will be greater! There is a but… If you are loving making DIY beauty products, the fridge doesn’t mean that will help you extend their life a lot, maybe a tiny bit (3-5 days). Keep scrolling to learn what beauty products we should keep in the fridge and why.


If they are too creamy or you want to prevent your favorite lipstick from decomposing and breaking down, the fridge will hold their formula like it is brand new.

Eye Cream & Eye Gel

Many people are suffering from puffy eyes and under eye circles. When I am coming home late from a night out, I love adding my eye gel mask in the refrigerator for 5-10 minutes and wearing it while I am sleeping to avoid dark circles. Experts say that storing your day eye cream or gel in your fridge will help you to deflate your puffy eyes quicker and easier.

Nail Polish

The inside of my refrigerator door is full of eggs, lemons, few grounded spices, few lipsticks and now with nail polishes! The executive vice president of OPI, Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, said that keeping them in the refrigerator will help them to avoid discoloration too soon. Nail polishes are getting thicker and starting having discoloration as they are getting older. 

Anti-Itch Cream

It is well known that if you apply something cold to the area that is itching you have an instant relieve. What’s better to cool your entire anti-itch cream and use it whenever you need it? The benefits will be much more and you heal the affected area much quicker. 

Anti-Acne Products

How many times do you read the instructions of a cream? Unfortunately, I don’t usually do it and I have to stop immediately this bad habit! Some of those products are suggested to be stored in the refrigerator, otherwise, they will lose their effectiveness. Read the instructions first, our teachers used to tell us… hahaha


Did you know that hot temperatures are making the sunscreen creams to lose the effectiveness of their SPF? I didn’t know it before… Well, if we want to protect our skins from the bad sun effects, we need to chill our sunscreens by extending their shelf lives. Besides, the cooling effect will make our skins firmer and it will heal them from redness, itchiness, acne etc.

Liquid Makeup & Natural Beauty Products

As the above skin-care and makeup products, this hack will help them to extend their shelf lives and having an amazing cooling sensation while applying them.


Here the things are a little bit confusing… Some say better keep them in the refrigerator and some not. The Fragrance foundation claims that only colognes and toilet waters should be kept in the refrigerator. The perfumes are low in essential oils and much higher in alcohol. Some perfumers say that keeping them in the refrigerator will help their smell to extend their life. In this case, I prefer to buy the small bottle of a fragrance in order to prevent it from losing its smell, without needing to chilling it. The decision is yours…





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