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In today’s post, I am gonna share with you the Russian Skin Care Secrets. Russia is the land of porcelain white skins, youthful glow and expressive eye looks. Are you wondering if I am gonna talk about rolling in the snow or using the Vodka for your own skin good? Because, if yes, I am gonna do it! 


What’s up my beauty nerds? As you understood, today we are going our beauty regiment a little bit further because Russian women took the skin care to another level.


Banyas are like saunas, hot-steam rooms with wooden benches. They love it because is a rejuvenated process that reduces stress, removes toxins and impurities. Firstly, they open their pores very well by being sweaty at the steam room and then they are taking a cold shower. Nop, they are not finishing here, they repeat the process. While Russian women are in the hot-steamy rooms are doing several skin care hacks.

Yogurt & Honey Face Mask – hack #1

The raw honey is an amazing source of hydration properties, rich in antioxidants and anti-aging benefits. The yogurt contains lactic acid. This means that it acts as a skin brightening product and natural exfoliator. Yogurt is also well known for its probiotics (healing blemishes). By mixing them together Russian women have both goods in one mask. 

Reduce Cellulite – hack #2

They love applying coffee grounds on their bodies to reduce or even better to remove their cellulite and have a firmer and porcelain body. 

What? Spank Time? – hack #3

They lie down and an expert taps and spanks them with wet branches, which in most cases they can be from eucalyptus, oak, birch or even maple. It may sound to you (and me) something presumably, but Russian girls swear for its detoxifying properties. 

Tea – hack #4

To boost their detoxification or weight loss process they are drinking special teas.

Rolling in the Snow – hack #4

They finishing each round by rolling in the snow. With that, they are closing their pores and toning their porcelain bodies.

DIY Face Mask

One of their skin care secrets is to mixing egg yolks with milk, sour cream and in some cases and butter. This mask helps them to smooth their skin like hell and remove their wrinkles and fine lines. Pretty easy, isn’t it? 


Vodka for a Clean and Glowing Skin

Russian loves Vodka. Have you ever think that Russians not only drinking vodka but also apply it on their skins? Because I have never thought about it! It tightens and brightens the face as well as it unclogs pores and cleans the skin. For those who want to try it (including meeeee) I suggest you after applying vodka on your face (or body), wait 5-10 minutes maximum and apply coconut oil or jojoba oil, because alcohol will dry out your skin. I am not suggesting this skin secrets to those who have dry skin.  





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