The 2 Ingredients Hair Mask That You Need To Make

2 Ingredients. No more. No less. An easy and quick homemade hair mask with no effort. You only need those 2 ingredients to make your hair grow faster, stronger and healthier. My DIY Hair Mask will change your hair life. xoxo

Recently I was thinking what homemade hair mask I need to make for my hair because I have split ends. Here I have to note that I am cutting my hair (not too much, just to clean them from split ends) every 2 – 3 months, by my own with amazing results, fast and easy, at my own peace and place. Comment down below if you want to let you know the whole process. Anyway, let’s continue with my DIY hair mask.

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I was searching my kitchen for ingredients while I was thinking my hair issues and the benefits of the ingredients that I have. All I have to say is that I came up with using as fewer ingredients as I could. In the light of this topic, I have to note that I wanted my hair shinier, smoother with more volume. Organic Coconut Oil and Epsom Salts (which is pure magnesium sulfate). Yeap, just those 2. No more. No less. I washed my hair 1 week before and they started today to be a little bit greasy! Can you imagine it? With 2 ingredients DIY Hair Mask! 

Coconut Oil Hair Benefits

Prevents Hair Loss | Stronger and Thicker Hair

Coconut oil contains fatty acids which means it fills the gaps in the damaged strands. If you lack thick hair strands coconut oil will save your life.

Great Moisturization and Toning

It high in hydration properties and heals dry hair and scalp and make brushing easier with no or incredibly less tangled hair.



Get Rid of Dandruff and Deep Clean

Do you any white flaked skin and ad itchiness on your scalp? That is called “Dandruff”. No worries, I have too, sometimes, along with oily hair. But oils remove oils. Coconut oil can get rid of the most hair and scalp bacteria and leave you a healthy scalp. It also contains antimicrobial and antifungal properties and lauric acid which fights against bacteria and leaves the scalp (and hair) cleaner than ever

Deep Conditioning

Coconut oil is the only oil that has the benefit of reducing protein loss. Moreover, the protein loss brings breakage and dryness to the hair. 

Epsom Salts Hair Benefits

Hair Volumizer

Epsom Salts are a natural hair volumizer with noticeable results.

Oily Hair

I have oily hair and this kind of salt is not only full of magnesium but also full of properties that treat oily hair. 


Epsom Salts can be also used to give an extra boost of moisture to your strands. 



DIY Hair Mask Recipe


Coffee Pot



2 tablespoons of Coconut oil 
1 Spoon of (Grounded) Epsom Salts

How To Do The DIY Hair Mask 

Epsom salts grains are hard to take them off of my hair, so I added the Epsom Salts in a blender to ground them (see the above picture) in order to be able to take them off easily.

After that, I added the coconut oil in a coffee pot and brought it in a small heat. Have in mind that the amount of coconut oil depends on the length of your hair (my hair are up to my waist), a little goes a long way. I leave it just a few seconds until to be completely melted and I added the grounded Epsom Salts.

However, I stir it very well and at the first they started to be well combined but at the end, they completely separated. Then, I took the coffee pot out of the heat for 2-3 minutes and brought it again to the heat for another 1 minute. Voila! The homemade hair mask was ready!

I left the mixture to cool down a bit and absorbed better each other’s benefits and properties. After that, I applied only the liquid part of the mixture little by little and firstly on my scalp with gentle massage’s moves and secondly to rest of my hair.

I left the hair mask on my hair for 1 hour and I shampoo them 2-3 times to remove all the coconut oil.



Let me know if you already make my DIY homemade hair mask in the comments section xoxo









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    1. Yeap, give it a try, but wash your hair very well because if the Epsom Salts are not grounded they might be a little bit difficult to come off. I like applying Epsom Salts on my hair. xoxo

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