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In this world of beauty and makeup, inevitably eyeliner is the king. A makeup without eyeliner is incomplete. That’s why I had to make an eyeliner review. Your makeup needs a defined eyeliner, either for cat-eye looks or for Smokey-eye makeup. Is the Precision Artliner by Flormar a must-have for your makeup bag? 

I quite like Flormar, is a makeup brand with quality products at low prices. This is my new favorite drugstore makeup brand. I love eyeliners, so recently I bought liquid Flormar eyeliner because I found that the creamy one wasn’t so intense black. The one that I am not negotiating about eyeliners is that I want it waterproof and long-lasting. I quite like the Precision Artliner from the first time that I have tested it, I can draw with it an intense and extremely thin line.


Its package is not something wow, not a luxury one but not a cheap one. It’s something that you’re ok with it.


The Precision Artliner has a liquid formula but it’s not runny, which is good because I can handle it easier.  It has a really intense black color, but when I apply it I have to wait few seconds to be dried and be able to open my eyes completely, otherwise, I am having a little smudge; because it will go a little bit on my upper lid. I found it very logical, so I am waiting a few seconds before proceeding with anything else. When it dried, it stays there for hours! I am wearing it from 7 o’clock in the morning up to 10:30 or 12:00 at midnight. The color is not fading out or grungy throughout the day, not even a bit! So, in short, liquid but not runny, waterproof, defined and longlasting without fading.


The photo has taken 16:00 indoor daily light by iPhone 4 who needs to be replaced ASAP by a newer version (hahaha) In the above photo I had my foundation and the e



I was applying more my e.l.f. creamy eyeliner (read here my review about it) which is much different in the formula in contrast with the Precision Artliner. It is a tiny bit hard; for me to apply it, because it has a long (not huge) fine line and extremely flexible brush and when I roll a tiny – tiny bit my eyes the brush is going everywhere and I mean, on my upper and lower lid. Who can leave his one eye open and the other eye closed without rolling a bit? It’s normal and physical. Besides, I have long eyelashes and sometimes I cannot create a fine line very close to my lashes. If I am drawing the liner more slowly, the line is perfect without having issues. The brush is soft but if it was shorter; and less flexible; it was going to be perfect! But I still like it because I can ha sharp winged looks.

What Flormar Claims

For an impressive glance, Precision Artliner. With the special pigments in its formula, it marks the eyes with a black line. The pantheon in the formula gives it a nourishing property.


Price ($9.97): 10/10
Application: 6.6/10
Longevity: 10/10
Formula: 9/10
Overall Rating: 8.9/10
Worth the Hype? YES

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