How to Get Rid of Blackheads and Whiteheads

Did you know that blackheads are a form of acne? If you have oily skin or you are oily skin just on the T-Zone – like me – then you tend to have more than other people. Clogged Pores, dead skin cells and excess sebum (oil) are forming the skin issue that we are calling ” blackheads “. Are you wondering why it has black and not nude or white color? It’s not dirty! It’s the oxidation that makes it black because blackheads are open surfaces. When pores are closed, we have ” Whiteheads “. 

Never push or try to take off the blackheads out by your fingers because you gonna end up having skin irritation, skin damage and you will not be able to take all of it out so you gonna cause pimple or/and other skin issues. You need to follow a right blackhead treatment. That’s why I am here. I have – almost everytime – blackheads, some are noticeable and some other not so much. In today’s post, I am gonna share with you how to get rid of blackheads on nose and any other place of your face. I am not suggesting to use those hacks on your back’s blackheads (if you have) because they tend to be large or even worst very large and you need a dermatologist to get rid of them.

Those hacks are not only helping me when I have blackheads or/and whiteheads but also they are helping me to prevent from having in the future. As I am saying always, person to person differs, probably those hacks will help you too, but have in mind if that is better to consult your dermatologist because blackheads are very annoying and may take time to get rid of them.

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Cleansing and Again Cleansing

How to get rid of whiteheads and blackheads easily? If you cleaning your face very well and deeply then you are on the halfway. As expert say and through my personal experience, using cleansing gel with salicylic acid is the ideal product. After using such a product for few weeks I have noticed that my blackheads were loosing their strenght and starting to dissolve.

Neutrogena has one of my most favorites cleansers with salicylic acid. The best part is that you can get it from here at at $8.44!

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Cleansing Brush

Let s face it again… The deeper the cleaning is, the faster the treatment will be. We cant clean our face very deeply with cotton pads and cleansing gels. We need a brush that can go in the smallest pore and pull out the excess makeup along with everything is inside it.

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In case that you don’t have a cleansing brush and you cant afford the CLARISONIC | Mia 1™ Skin Cleansing System at $129, you can get the SEPHORA COLLECTION | Cleaning Me Softly Facial Cleansing Brush at $10. Obviously they are not doing the same job with same effortness and effectiveness but both are quite nice!


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Pore Strips

I have seen results from pore strips when my pores were start loosing their strength. If blackheads or whiteheads are too tight and strong, the pore strips will not help. But when they are loose or weak an the pores are open, those strips is one of the best options on how to get blackheads out of their place.

After few weeks (2-3) of using my cleanser with salicylic acid I start using every night my pore strips for a week (now I am using them one time every 7-10 days).

Avoid getting pore strips with benzoyl peroxide. It’s not working for all of us because these products are working by reducing swelling, which means it can cause inflammatory acne. You can get Pore Purifying Charcoal Strips (12 strips) $28 from


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Blackhead Mask

A mud mask is a must! I was using mud masks, twice or three times a week, and I’ve seen really nice results. Mud masks are absorbing the excess oil and are tightening the pores. Less oil, means less blackheads and tight pores means that the blackheads don’t have a place to go in and build their-selves.

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I have few clay masks that I love a lot … Today I am gonna suggest you my two most favorites of the past 2-3 months in order to test them by yourself (if you want xx). Get the one which is more closet to your budget and have in mind that both will bring you the desirable results soon or later. If you know me, I love Sephora and Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. Sephora has a large variety of good products in both luxury and affortable prices. Bobbi Brown is an excellent brand with prices that I cant call them affortable or non-affortable, lets say that are something in bewtween, which makes it great!

SEPHORA COLLECTION | Mud Mask Purifying & Mattifying $20
BOBBI BROWN | Instant Detox (Formulated with Hawaiian Sea Water and Amazonian White Clay) $47



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