Review – Derma Roller for Face and Body (Stretch Marks)

Derma Roller is a brand. Microneedling is the tool. If you are looking for one product to rejuvenate your skin and have a collagen induction therapy then keep reading. Have in mind that you can buy it and use it by your self or visit a beautician or dermatologist in order to have at their place this unique therapy with tiny-tiny needles.


I’ve bought this microneedling device/gadget long time ago. I wanted to wait and see the long-term results in order to let you know my final thoughts. Moreover, this gadget, that scares me at the first time, creates tiny punctures in the top layer of my skin and boost the production of collagen.

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When I got it for the first time in my hands I wasn’t sure if I was going to love it or hate it. Not to mention, that I’ve cleaned pretty well my face and the roller and I started using it. However, the application / use of  is very easy. Firstly, I started on the one chick with a right to left and left to right moves, I’ve repeated it 4-6 times, and then from up to down 4-6 times), diagonally up left to downright and up right to down left (4-6 times).

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To point out, after I finished with my first chick, I continued with the other one, the chin, and forehead. I didn’t use too much pressure. To summarize, all those were the procedure that I was following each time I was using the Derma Roller (2-5 time per week). 

Nevertheless, I want to be honest with you as I am always! To be brief, this microneedling gadget, hurts, maybe a tiny bit, but it still a pain. Each time I was using this gadget I had redness all over my face, which is normal. But within 30-40 minutes my skin color was back to normal. Not only it helps me to improve my skin texture. But also it disappears few tiny scars, and reduce a tiny-tiny bit the pore sizes. I’ve also noticed, as a result, that the Derma Roller made my skin instantly smoother and firmer.

I am not perfect and I don’t have a body that is made of porcelain. Instead, I have stretch marks, on my upper legs, near to my belly and few (barely noticeable) on my breasts. On my legs are too noticeable and annoying so I wanted to get a Derma Roller (2mm) to see if it does what the claim (reduce stretch marks).

However, I was following the same procedure and had almost the same results with the treatment that I was doing for my face. For the first 3-4 weeks, I was using it 5 times per week on the one leg in order to see how much it will improve my skin texture and reduce the stretch marks in contrast with the other leg. After those weeks I was using it on both legs 3-4 times per week. Unfortunately, it didn’t make my stretch marks to disappear but at least it improves their texture. 

Sometimes, after 30 minutes of the treatment, I was applying to my face and body a serum or a hydration cream.

Now, I have stopped both treatments because they were taking me too much time. But I may start again the Derma Roller on my face to reduce few fine lines and having all those goods that I had as a result of the treatment. Unfortunately, I can’t follow the treatment to reduce my stretch marks… If I will have – in the future – more free time I will start it again. 

Extra Bonus Info


– For my face, I bought the Derma Roller with the 0.5mm needles, which is suitable for fine lines, anti-aging, anti-wrinkles, open pores, pigmentation marks, acne scars and light scars. Get yours from Amazon (as me) for $9.99 – €8.20 here.

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– For my stretch marks, I bought the Derma Roller with the 2mm needles, which is suitable for cellulite, stretch marks, and deep scars. Get yours from eBay (as me) for $3.00 – €2.50 here.

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Results: 8/10
Price ($9.99 – €8.20 & $3.00 – €2.50): 10/10
Application: 8.5/10
Overall Rating: 8.9/10
Worth the Hype? YES




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