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I love women who are looking gorgeous with a natural makeup look. Wendy Williams is a woman who is a source of inspiration. The council of Asbury Park renamed the street on where Wendy grew up to Wendy Williams Way, at her 50th birthday. Not only she is a fashion designer, television host, but also she is a former radio personality, author, and actress. Her beauty comes from within, great personality coupled with an exotic natural makeup look, makes her rock. What is better than this? 

In addition, Wendy Williams has said few of my favorite inspirational quotes. 

“When you’re an outsider or a misfit, if you play it smart, your motto should be, I’ll show ’em. I will show you.”

Not to mention that I can talk for hours about her… I am, obviously, a fan of her. So in my today’s post, we are going to be inspired by her exotic beauty. A natural makeup with a tiny touch of a smudged; black eyeshadow. 

In the light of this post, I have to note that natural makeup looks don’t mean that can take us tremendous less time to create it. Because as a matter of fact, the base is almost the same. First the moisturization cream, second the primer and third the juicy part which is – as you already understood – the makeup babes! Comparatively, men prefer a more natural look than bolds makeup.

Nonetheless, if you want me to create a post with your favorite celebrity or your role model, do not hesitate to leave me a comment with her/his name in the comment’s section. I would love to do it! You can also send me -if you have- a specific picture or a link (ex. video clip URL). on my e-mail or to any social media that you prefer. 

Where to buy the products that I suggest you in order to re-create or get inspired by Wendy’s Makeup Look? Click the links below the infographic. Have in mind that the cost of the products may change for different factor, read the Disclaimer, Disclosure & Copyright Notice for more. 


Get Inspire by her Natural Makeup Look »




Moisturization Face Cream by Olay |$5.94)
Primer by  L’Oréal Paris |$10.97)
Foundation by Giorgio Armani |$64)
Concealer by Urban Decay | ($29)  
Highlighting & Contouring Palette by ABH | ($40)
Eyeshadow Palette by Marc Jacobs Beauty | ($49)
Mascara by Benefits Cosmetics | ($23)
Blush Palette by Smashbox |$35)
Lipstick by Bobbi Brown | ($37)
Setting Powder by Kat Von D | ($35)




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