Review – Best Long Wearing Hot Red Lipstick by Flormar

I just feel that red lipstick secretly means “I am capable of murder” ~Kinglsey teets (hahaha). Red lipstick is not just sexy, but also is very passionate and gives always the feeling that whoever wearing is determined and capable of everything. With this in mind, everyone should have a red lipstick. Deep, bright, intensive, hot, matt or glossy, it doesn’t matter, just get for your self at least one.

I am addicted to red, so in case that you guessed that I have a ton of them with different textures, then you are right! As long as I am wearing red lipstick I am feeling amazing and happy. I think is the most beautiful color on me. If I don’t wear a read one, I feel half naked. It may sound crazy for some, but this is what I am feeling (hahaha).

Not to mention that I am gonna review The Flormar Long Wearing Lipstick in Hot Red, right? To let you know from now that this is my favorite lipstick of the last one and a half months. This means, from the date that I tried it.

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I bought it without a box. The hot red heaven is in a high quality black plastic tube.


Formula & Application

I have to say that this lipstick was calling my name among other lipsticks in one of Flormar’s shops. Not only because is a hot red but also it was in the long-wearing lipsticks’ section. My first thoughts were “Too good to be true”. Hot Red and long wearing at the same time? Okay, so it will either drying my lips or it will leave me with smudges on my lips.

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When I tried it, it gave me a pleasant and instant smoothness and hydration to my lips. The application was as normal, nothing special, but it was easy to apply it. I didn’t buy it immediately. I went to a shoe store near to Flromar’s store and while my friend was trying shoes, I was waiting on how it the lipstick will go. To my surprise, the lipstick was still vibrant and still in place even after half an hour; For the purpose of having a complete review, we went back to the shop and I gave to the lipstick a chance by purchasing it.

We went to a cafe, and I still had the same feelings, an unbelievable moisturization in a creamy – matt formula. I was so foolish that I was sure that the performance of this wonderful lipstick was going to disappoint me. After the cafe, it was still in place! No smudges, no fade outs, no drying!

I read the ingredients more carefully, on the next day, and it contains mango and cocoa oils. This is the reason why is so great and hydrated.

I have to note this not our point. I was wearing the lipstick – on that day- from approximately 7 o’clock.  However, see how much color were in place even after I had a salad with olive oil, at lunchtime (after 6 1/2 hours)! 


After all, a kiss after a salad is a must, isn’t it? hahaha. 


What Flormar Claims

With its long-lasting effect, Long Wearing Lipstick will add radiance to your lip make-up. Protecting the lips from drying, Flormar Lipstick guards and moisturizes your sensitive lip texture with the apricot kernel oil, shea, mango and cocoa oils in its formula. Available in 38 different color options, Flormar lipstick creates a comfortable feel on your lips with its creamy texture.



Price ($10.00 if you buy it online at 10/10
Formula: 9.5/10
Application: 9.5/10
Overall Rating: 9.7/10
Worth the Hype? YES

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