Skin Care Secrets Around The World – UK | Victorian Era

Magnificent! This word can describe an old era with Skin Care Secrets. It is amazing how women (and men) were doing to keep their beauty on point. They didn’t have the laboratories and chemicals that we have now in order to make high-quality cosmetics. Natural Skin Care was their only (or the main) gun that they had. Today we are travelling in the United Kingdom and to the Victorian Era in order to discover and steal their best kept skin care secrets (shhhh, including the herbs cultivation).

Queen Victoria created a new era to everything, monarchy, politics, beauty etc. She thought that makeup was for actress and prostitutes. It was then that the pale complexion, fragile beauty, amazing curls and stiffer corsets were at their best. Have in mind that British people were in love of harvesting herbal ingredients for both beauty and medical reasons. If you are not from the UK you may not know that there is a Garden that is called “Chelsea Physic Garden”. They still grew herbs that are having unbelievable medicinal benefits.

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Pale Complexion

We might now love tanning (with protection) and believe that is exotic and sexy but the sun was a horror for the women in England at the 19th century. They were thinking that pale skin makes them more elegant and royal. The tanning was for those who were working in the fields.

However, in order to achieve the desire pale skin, Victorians were painting their faces with a poisoned – deadly ingredient. It was a white mineral powder that is called “zinc”.

Thanks to our luck, this bad habit was stopped plenty of decades ago. This is not a hack that someone recommends. Now, whoever wants to brighten/whiten (not the zinc effect) skin can achieve it much easier with amazing and safe cosmetics.


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Lavender Time

I was quite surprised that British Government was growing wild herbs in order to heal their soldiers during the World Wards. English lavender (less aromatic than the French one) was one of those.

It is high in antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Undoubtedly, these make it as a great ingredient to treat acne, eczema, detoxify skin, heal burns and insect bites. Lavender Oil or Lavender Toner is a must. What do you think?

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I love how British were in love with herbs cultivation. They were drinking chamomile tea to lift their mood and calm their skins. Consider of drinking at least a cup of chamomile tea in regular base.

Let’s take it a little bit further and be inspired by British. It would be a great to apply chamomile oil at night before bed in order treat acne, eczema, skin scarring and rashes, have a youthful skin with a deep moisturization and blemishes-free.

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Fleshworms or Blackheads are the same! If we travel back in history of beauty, people believed that when they were extracting blackheads the black worms were crawling out of their skins.

Victorians were having a great stream with nothing else in it. Just steam, nothing more, nothing less. It was their skin care routine for approximately three months in order to have a clean skin without fleshworms.

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