9 Best Hair Hacks That Should Be Our Spring Hair Care Routine

Maybe GOT says that winter is coming, but for us is start fading out with the worst effects staying back. Hot temperatures inside, cold temperatures outside along with air dust (for some countries) our locks are going crazy and starting of breakings, drying and dying. We need something to refresh our hair. A new hair routine, maybe? This sounds the best idea. Explore this page and read the 10 Best Hair Hacks That Should Be Our Spring Hair Care Routine.

Restoring our hair from death is a must. It is our obligation to do it. No excuses babes here. Most of the women are addicted to growing their hair (like me), but in order achieve it we should have strong healthy hair. For those we love short bob hairstyles those hacks will help them to make their locks stronger but they should cut their hair a little bit more often.

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To point out, once again, those tips may help all types of hair, but you have to be a little bit patience. The results differ, from people to people. You might see the desired results within a week but I might see them within three weeks. Have in mind that at least we all going to feel an instant refresh by adopting those hair hacks.

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Water, Water, Water

Did I say enough times, Water? Drinking daily 8 glasses of water you might not see results from the first day but you going to have the best long-term results ever. Below is the top hair benefits of drinking plenty of water.

1a. Water is the best energy source for skin, hair, physical and mental health. If body cells are enough hydrated means that hair growth is inevitable.

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1b. Water has the ability to unlock nerves that are responsible for hair roots vitality.

1c. Water means hydration and hydration mean strong and longer hair faster.

1d. Water helps to absorb correctly the hair vitamins.

1e. If you are suffering from dandruff, water will help you to get rid of it naturally.

Get the Hell a Hair Cut

From the time you’ve got at least one split end, is going higher and higher. That moment our hair is starting to die. If you don’t want to sacrifice a substantial length of your hair you should have a haircut each 2-3 months, as the experts recommend. I have to note that if we don’t have split ends, our locks are growing stronger and we don’t have many hair fall outs.

Here I feel that I need to share my hair story. A few days ago, I was having a BBQ lunch. I was stupid that I was turned on to the full both buttons (it works with gas) without pressing enough hard; the “turn on” (button). The lid of the BBQ was closed. After few seconds I thought that something is not going okay because I didn’t hear that the BBQ is working. It was then that I opened the lid – and without closing the buttons of fire – I saw that it doesn’t open and I pressed the “turn on”. The gas was already released and an instant huge fire was burnt a little bit my hair strands. I immediately apply coconut oil to the ends of my hair and after 2-3 hours I wash them and had a DIY haircut. Thank God, I was lucky enough that I didn’t burn myself and my hair ends were burnt a tiny bit. I have an easy DIY method that I can cut my hair perfectly easy and fast. Let me know in the comments section if you are interested to make a post on How I Cut My Own Hair.



Shampooing daily will not give you the desired results. You are going to destroying them. 1-2 times a week is enough. But if you need an extra moisturization boost or you have oily hair, try to have a sulfate-free conditioner in between shampoos.

For example:

Monday – full wash (shampoo, and conditioner)

Wednesday – sulfate-free conditioner

Saturday – (hair mask, shampoo, and conditioner)


Detangle your hair with the right hairbrush (Teasing Brush) not only in a regular base but also before the shower. Hot water is always making hair harder to detangle and if it’s already tangled you going to break them… A hairstylist told me when you apply your hair conditioner, use a Synthetic Bristle (rectangular) Brush and brush your hair very soft and gentle, and you are going to be surprised on how soft and detangle your hair will be after the shower. He was right! I 100% recommend trying this today!

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DIY Hair Masks

Try at least once a week a hair mask in order to give your hair the perfect boost and vitality. You will find plenty of (tested) DIY hair masks within my blog.

Here are some of those: 

The 2 Ingredients Hair Mask That You Need To Make

How to Make your Hair Grow Faster with 9 DIY Hair Masks #1

How to Make your Hair Grow Faster with 9 DIY Hair Masks #2

4 Weird (& Ridiculously Simple) DIY Intensive Hair Masks Treatments to Grow Your Hair Stronger & Faster

The No.1 Powerful Hair Re-Growth Mask

Hair Vitamins


SOLGAR | Skin, Nails & Hair (60 tablets) $10.65

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SOLGAR | Zinc (100 tablets) $8.19

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Refreshing Sun Protection Spray For Body & Hair

A pleasantly refreshing sun protection spray for the body, face and hair that helps defend against UVA/UVB rays to keep skin and hair looking healthy and soft.

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SHISEIDO | Refreshing Sun Protection Spray $16

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Less Blow Dry

The hair dryer can break our hair strands easily and we all know it. From the day I remember my self I prefer to leave my wet hair dry naturally, the hack that I didn’t know from the begging is that is best to wipe my hair with an old cottont-shirt. The towel can make a lot of damage to the hair, including to look frizzy and potentially lead to more breakage.

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Hair Ties

Try a hair tie like those in the below picture and not the normal one, otherwise your hair will be extremely tight up and start to break. Before following this hack my scalp and hair were hurting me with the normal ones.

3 pcs Elastic Ties $5.40

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