20 – Beauty – Inspirational Quotes That I Live By

This is not the kind of post that I am usually writing about. I love quotes and when I am down or I want to refill my energy power I am always looking for inspirational quotes that mostly have to do with Beauty. Some of them are funny and some other no, but all of them are uplifting. Today I decided to share 20 of them with you.

Pinterest, Instagram, Google have been a great source for searching famous or unpopular quotes that will be my fuels. What we feel and imagine is this that we are going to be. Tony Robbins said that where focus goes energy flows. Believe it or not whatever is happening to you is the result of your thoughts in the past… 

To note, some of them are just funny, some are so true and some other they became my reality. For the quotes that I couldn’t find who told them, I will be happy if you know and let me know their names in the comments section, in order update the pictures and refer their names. 

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    1. I am doing my best to come up stronger in every difficult situation that is coming to my way. Whatever is happening is happening to teach us a lesson and not to stop. And indeed the light is at the end of the tunnel! Xoxo

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