Skin Care Secrets Around The World – Italy

La Vita è Bella. Life is beautiful. The land of where, style, love, pasta, pizza, ice-cream, and beauty are coming from. It is well known that Italian women are gifted with an endless sexy temperament. Their Skin Care Secrets are passed through generations and it’s time to travel today to Italy and steal their beauty weapons.

We gonna benefit from their easy Mediterranean secrets. They may have many commons with the Skin Care Secrets of Greece, but we are going to love them equally. Be an Italian girl today!

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Power to the Olive Oil

Olive oil contains vitamins and the best 3 antioxidants, vitamin E, polyphenols, and phytosterols. This means it slows the aging process. It’s not a lightweight oil like avocado oil, but olive oil prevents free radical damage to the skin, doesn’t clog pores and high in hydration properties makes the skin look youthful and glowing.

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Try to apply a tiny-tiny bit amount of Olive Oil on a clean facial skin with circular moves and leave it overnight or until the skin will absorb it. Have in might that Olive Oil is not a lightweight oil so avoid it if you have oily skin.


Strawberry Scrub

Italians know very well that strawberries nourish and revitalize skin. The red fruit is high in anti-inflammatory properties, vitamin C, fights off free radical and helps collagen to stay healthy. Note that the queen of fruits can produce new cells, reduce pimples, treats puffy eyes and acne. It not only removes excess oil from the skin but also it acts as an amazing skin lightening that helps reduce dark spots and acne scars. I have to highlight that strawberries work against UV damage. It improves skin’s complexion and treats puffy eyes easily.

Read more about strawberries here along with how you can make a DIY Strawberry Scrub easily. Do not forget to make a patch test first, because strawberries are high in acid.

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I love who Italians are thinking! They believe that the biggest obstacle to have a flawless skin is the stress. With it in your life, you are more tired and you can make wrinkles faster… To avoid it, they drink one glass of wine every night! Note that the red wine has more benefits. It also slows down the aging process, fights acne, treats sunburn, makes skin glow etc.

Do you want a glass tonight?


Garlic for Pimples

You may hate it with all of your heart for its smell… Take a deep breath and close your nose to do this amazing hack. Italians treat pimples by cutting a garlic clove and rub it right to a pimple. They kill the bacteria very fast. Just to remind you, the garlic is high in antiseptic properties.


Beauty Within Citrus

A single ingredient can do wonders! Grab a fresh organic lemon and cut it into the half. Squeeze it and apply the citrusy juice to a clean facial skin. Leave it for 10-30 minutes and wash off with water. It fights acne, wrinkles, fine lines and lights skin complexion.

Do not forget to make a patch test first, because lemon is high in acid.







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