Review – WhiteLight – a Gadget on How to Whitening Your Teeth at Home

Have you ever search how to whitening your teeth at home? People from all over the world are spending billions of dollars and euros on teeth whitening, including at home tools/gadgets. 

Have in mind that going to a dentist for whitening your teeth doesn’t mean that is healthy. The products are made from chemicals.

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Many people are searching at google “How to whiten your teeth at home”, for different reasons. Either because they want to do it at their own peace or they want to save money. Both are understandable because dental teeth whitening can be really expensive… The product that I am gonna share my thoughts about it today with you, I about it from eBay, a year ago… It went viral, and probably you already have seen it almost everywhere.

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I have to note that I didn’t expect to see the products in a package because the Kit was costing approximately $5.00. That price was including:
1 x Light Transmitter(Batteries included)
2 x Teeth Whitening Gel
1 x Advanced Dental Tray

However, I wanted the product to do some job… I didn’t care about the package or any package! It was too cheap, but I thought to give it a try and it might be working. You never know, isn’t it?

Formula & Application

However, its time to talk about the actual product. I gave enough time to this product, so I am gonna share with you an honest and complete review.

Moreover, I was brushing my teeth very well before I was starting the procedure. I was applying the whitening gel on my teeth and I was applying the silicone dental tray on my teeth. Note, that I was holding the light transmitter in front of the tray with few centimeters distance..

Here I have to let you know that the gel is smelling nice and it has a smooth jelly texture.

Anyway, I was pressing the button and I was waiting until it will turn off by itself because it has a 15 minutes timer. Note that I was feeling too uncomfortable with the whole thing in my mouth, and it was very relieving when I was taking it off and I washing my teeth again. 

I was following all those steps almost every day for a week without any results. Then I decide to have 2 sessions. When it was turning off, I was pressing the button again. Unfortunately, the whitening gels were gone without seeing any results. 

People to people differ, so I will be happy if anyone of you tried it and it works. Have you tried something different from me? Could you suggest me another product? 



Price ($5.00): 10/10
Formula: 2/10
Results: 0/10
Application: 2/10
Overall Rating: 3.5/10
Worth the Hype? NO

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I found for you the same, but this one is including 1 English Manual plus is costing 1.95(GBP)! If you want to give it a try and let me know if you see any results.



Do not forget to let me know if you ever tried something on how to whitening your teeth at home? 









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