5 Lazy Girl Hairstyle Tutorials Apps That You Should Install (Android)

We are going through the years of hi-tech mobile phones and tablets. More and more people are trying to find applications for their smartphones that can make save their time. Let’s have fun today girls!

Today you gonna learn the top 5 Lazy Girl HairstyleTutorials Apps That You Should Install – Android version.

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90+ Hairstyle Tutorials


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What Creator Claim

Are you tired of your hairstyle and don’t know what to do with it anymore? Or are you looking for something special but don’t know how to handle this? Let us be your great inspiration!

This app gives you an awesome and variating list of 90+ hairstyles, suitable for many occasions. Whether you’re looking for a daily and easy hairstyle, or just something special, this app gives many possibilities!
In a few steps you’ve got a whole different image.

Every hairstyle has its own clear description, so it’s super easy! Try it yourself 🙂


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Best Hairstyles step by step


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What Creator Claim

Best Hairstyles step by step is a great and absolutely FREE collection of beautiful hairstyles tutorials for women with long hair.

Best Hairstyles step by step helps thousands of girls every day. Do not know what hairstyle to make today and how? Install our app, choose the best hairstyle and do it yourself very easy! The app contains tens of the best hairstyles tutorials with the high quality photos, and everything for FREE!

All step by step tutorials of hairstyles are made by professional stylists and photographers. You will be excited of the quality of pics and how easy to make our very beautiful, fashionable, stylish & unusual hairstyles yourself!

All hairstyles step by step instructions are FREE! No registration, no coins, no payment, no purchases are required. Just set it up and use!

Dozens of hairstyles for all occasions:
– Wedding Hairstyles
– Prom Hairstyles
– Hairstyles for birthday
– Hairstyles for holiday
– Hairstyles for sports
– Office Hairstyles
– Hairstyles for a business meeting
– Hairstyles for School
– Hairstyles for college and university
– Hairstyles for every day and for any other events in your life with steps by step instructions!

You are a parent of girl? Try our app to hairdress your little princess very beautiful and unusual. Best Hairstyles step by step will definitely help you do this.

Enjoy the Best Hairstyles step by step tutorials! Do it yourself and be the best every day with the Best Hairstyles tutorial on Google Play!

Version for iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1258695225

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Hair Tutorials


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Hair Tutorial, hairstyle, hairdo, or haircut refers to the styling of hair, usually on the human scalp. The fashioning of hair can be considered an aspect of personal grooming, fashion, and cosmetics, although practical, cultural, and popular considerations also influence some hairstyles.

The catalog features more than 100 types of hair tutorial. Find your own style!
Cute Hair Tutorial
Beach Babe Look Hairstyle
Soft Romantic Twist
Casual Side Bun
Braided Side Ponytail
Bow Ponytail
Waterfall Braid
Braid, twist and tuck
Cross bun
Twisted bun
Braids around bun
Loose Fishtail Braid
Knotted Ponytail
Low bun
Braided Bun Updo
Reverse Topsy Tail Bun
Bow Updo
Cute Braids Updo
Easy Twist Bun
Low braid bun updo
Side knots & messy bun
Twisted half up hair

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Easy Hairstyle Tutorials


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Pixie cut – Since it became common for ladies ta wear their hair short, this style has been preferred by women who want their hair ta be as low-maintenance as possible. Bein’ so short, however, hairstyle tutorial, yoos might want to contrast it with eye-catchin’ accessories and elaborate makeup. If you’re not skilled at doing up your hairstyle tutorials for long hair, yoos tinnie follow makeup steps from online tutorials. Take note, though, that this style doesn’t suit every face.

Long and straight – [Read here for more]

Long and wavy – [Read here for more]

High bun – [Read here for more]

Long Side Ponytail – [Read here for more]

Preppy Updo – [Read here for more]

The Fishtail – [Read here for more]

The Sleek Updo – [Read here for more]

The Half-Up Bun – [Read here for more]


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Hairstyles step by step Offline

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What Creator Claim

Hairstyles step by step is a great and absolutely FREE collection of beautiful hairstyle tutorials for women and girls with long hair.

Hairstyles step by step works OFFLINE! Doesn’t need network and Internet connection, all hairstyles are in the box.

Looking for fashion and unusual braids or hairstyle? Install our Hairstyles step by step app, choose the best hairstyle for today and do it yourself! The app contains tens of very nice and fashion hairstyle and braids tutorials with the high quality photos.

We carefully selected the most fashionable and modern hairstyles, tested and prepared tutorials specially for you!

Hairstyles step by step is absolutely FREE! All hairtyle and braids DIY tutorials are open without any payments, registration or SMS.

Good choise to find the best hairstyle for any special event:
– Hairstyles for wedding
– Hairstyles for birthday
– Hairstyles for party
– Hairstyles for important business meeting
– Great girl’s hairstyles for School
– Hairstyles for college and university

You are the mom or a little princes? Our Hairstyles step by step tutrials is specially for you! Make unusual braids and unique hairstyles to your daughter yourself.

Enjoy the most fashionable Hairstyles step by step DIY tutorials on Google Play!









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